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Practice of Clearing Negativity

Practice of Clearing Negativity


Do you ever feel bogged down with heavy energy? Do you ever feel stuck in a cycle of negativity and you desperately want to get out of it? Do you notice that you pick up the energy and emotions of those around you and don’t know how to clear them?Many of us are empathic and are sensitive to the feelings of those around us. This is not a bad thing. It is a gift to sense the energy in an area and can help to keep you safe. It is also a gift to sense what others are feeling in order to know how to respond to them and also how to help them. The trouble with being empathic is that most empaths don’t know how to clear away the energy that they pick up. This energy builds up and can drain their energy, weigh them down, and eventually cause illness. Holding onto this energy also acts as a magnet to bring more of that our way. Not what we want!

Creating a daily practice of clearing is very important! There are many simple things that you can do to clear your body, your home or your work space. Some of these can be put in place as passive ongoing clearing, others can be done daily or as needed. Here is a short list to get you started:

Simple Energy Clearing Ideas

  1. Epson salt bath, put 2 cups of epson salts in bath water and soak in tub, helps clear energy, emotions, toxins
  2. As you take a shower, ask that anything that is not serving you be cleared away by the water
  3. Throughout the day, if you are feeling bogged down, ask that anything that is not serving you be cleared away, and visualize that happening
  4. Use Himalayan salt lamp in home or office to clear air
  5. Burn dried sage, sage spray or essential oil
  6. Eat clean whole foods
  7. Drink water, add fresh lemon juice to water for extra clearing
  8. Feel emotions coming to the surface, find a safe place where you can make noise without causing alarm, and let it out (scream, cry, growl, sing, yell, whatever needs to come out). Follow that with drinking water and maybe a bath/shower.
  9. Move, dance, exercise, whatever gets your blood pumping, shifting the energy
  10. Place stones of hematite, malachite, selenite, citrine, or black tourmaline in your home, office, wear as jewelry, or carry in pockets.
  11. Yoga or meditation with the intention of clearing anything that is not serving you

I find that having a clearing practice at the end of the day is extremely effective in getting rid of anything that I may have picked up during the day. It also helps prepare me for a restful and reenergizing night’s sleep. By clearing before sleep, I wake up already clear and ready for my day. There are some things that I do during the day if I notice feeling weighed down by a situation or picked up negativity from someone I encountered. It is nice to clear it away immediately whenever possible to avoid carrying it around the rest of the day. This helps the rest of the day go smoother and helps my mood to stay light and positive.

Pay attention to the things that tend to bring you negative energy. There may be some people in your life that have a lot of negative energy and like being around you to help take it from them. In this case, you can either work on blocking or shielding yourself from taking on their stuff, or limit your time with them. Sometimes this is your sign that this person may not be good for you to be around, and ending the relationship may be a step toward your wellness and empowerment. Other things that may add to the negative energy in your life may be TV and social media. We are constantly bombarded by negativity on much of what is shown on media. We do have the power to limit this by choosing to turn it off, limit what we watch or listen to, filter as much as possible, and give ourselves permission to say no. Choose only those that make you feel good!

It is our right to make choices that help us to be happy and healthy. When you do come across something that weighs you down, use these clearing strategies and learn from your experiences.
Have a happy and positive day!



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  1. Useful cleansing tools, and important advice to protect against those who draw close to absorb our energy.

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