Craniosacral Therapy
 Energy Healing 

Individual In-Person Sessions

Individual in-person sessions include:  Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing, and Sound Healing.  Spiritual Mentoring can also be incorporated upon request. Sessions are fully clothed, in calming environment, and will bring you to a deep relaxed state for a gentle and effortless healing experience.  Kris is highly skilled in reading the body, emotions and energy, intuitively providing what is needed in that moment. You don't need to specify a type of session, other than the length of time. 60 or 90 min. 

Sessions are now completed in a private treatment room in my home in Shoreview, MN. Any questions, please contact Kris.

Description of  Modalities Used

*Kris will intuitively combine these to create exactly what your body is asking for during each session. 

  •   Craniosacral Therapy: This hands-on therapy is extremely effective in gently releasing holding patterns, balancing the brain, nervous system, and the entire body as a whole. It brings healing and balance to the mind, body, heart and spirit. My approach is very light and gentle, taking you to a deeply relaxed state where releases occur effortlessly and without reliving old trauma or pain. Each session is intuitively guided to provide you whatever you need in that moment. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed, grounded and centered, lighter and more at peace, in addition to your own specific intentions. 60 or 90 min.
  •   Energy Healing: My approach is quiet and gentle, and respectful of your beliefs. I bring no agenda to the session, allowing us to be guided as to what your soul wants and needs. I am also careful to create a sacred space for healing, allowing for only energies of light and love to enter the space. I tune into your energy and work with you to release what is no longer serving you. Bringing healing, clearing, and balance to any issues, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It will be a powerful and deeply peaceful session, after which you will feel lighter, clearer and ready to continue moving forward. 60 or 90 min
  •   Sound Healing: Singing bowls made of quartz crystal are used on the body and in the room to assist in the healing process. The sound waves help to bring you to a deep almost-meditative state of relaxation. Sound waves also penetrate and flow through the body to move stuck energy or emotions, and allow you to feel calm, peaceful and light. A great addition to any session. Kris can also record a custom meditation to support you and your healing process, and to continue progressing after you go home, (upon request).

I have developed hope and confidence that I can survive cancer.

Through Kris's healing work, I have gotten through the worst of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to rediscover myself and my body. Anxiety, self doubt and tense muscles all seem to melt as a result of Kris's work. I have developed hope and confidence that I can survive cancer. I am again focused on what is most important to me and the expression of my life. Living life whole heartedly is possible. Kris is just an amazing human being. Being around Kris is good for your health!"

John M. , St. Paul, MN

Great at guiding me into my own wisdom and intuition 

Wow! What an amazing session today! I often get so much out of these appointments. Kris is great at guiding me into my own wisdom and intuition, and clearing out all the clutter and fog to get to the heart of the issue, and to actually find PRACTICAL solutions that are do-able.

Crystal L. , St. Paul, MN

She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

The benefits have been profound and deeply experiential. I have many years of conventional talk-therapy with some success, but had not experienced such a major shift deep within my core, until I worked with Kris. I feel guided and supported to truly open myself up to the good things in my life, and to trust myself and allow the healing to unfold. I am feeling wiser, stronger, and more worthy of love than I experienced before. The spirituality part is big for me, and in my work with Kris, I’ve felt this freedom to explore what this feels like for me. This spiritual piece is foundational for me in all areas of life -- how I relate with myself through my spirituality. I’ve struggled with former beliefs stunting my growth, and addressing and removing these blocks with her guidance has helped re-ground me. I am so thankful I’ve crossed paths with Kris. My journey is much better supported with her gentle guidance. I had no idea what I was walking into when I had my first session, but I know I felt safe there, and for me, that’s how healing and growth flourishes. I highly recommend working with Kris. She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

Kristen L. , Little Canada, MN

Kris Groth is a true healer!

I've seen Kris for 10 years and highly recommend her. I've experienced amazing results when traditional medical doctors said it wasn't possible! She is my energy healer and stress reliever. I've used Body Whispers Therapy for sports injuries, auto accidents, severe illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and general stress.
In 10 years of working with Kris, I've learned our thoughts, feelings and experiences have energy attached to them. Sometimes positive, light and flowing energy, other times negative, dark and blocked energy. When energy is not flowing freely, these blockages can cause imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields. Kris is able to identify and remove the blockages, causing positive shifts in energy which results in healing. She uses a variety of therapies which are gentle, effective and cumulative. The more you go, the greater the benefits. Kris Groth is a true healer!

Alia B. , Minneapolis, MN

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