Meet Kris

Hi, I'm
Kris Groth

and I'm so happy you stopped by!

Yes, my last name is pronounced growth, which is appropriate with the work that I do, assisting in personal growth and healing! 

I'm so honored to be able to share my gifts and passions with you to bring life-changing, transformational healing through my work as an energy healer, spiritual mentor, craniosacral therapist, sound healer, and author. I am also a Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner & Archangel Life Coach, and incorporate angelic wisdom and energy in all that I do.

I am passionate about helping people connect more deeply to their own truth, to promote healing and restore balance to the body, heart, mind and soul, and live a soul-connected life. With a warm smile, a gentle heart, and a peaceful spirit, I am dedicated to finding various ways to “heal your heart, nurture your soul, and illuminate your path”, and to bring more light and healing to the world. I do this through individual sessions, sound healing meditations, soul-inspired products, teaching online courses, and writing blogs, articles and books.

My book, Soul-iloquy, is a spiritual novel about a woman’s journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation. It provides the reader with a vivid picture of a soul-connected life, energy healing, and the unique opportunity to experience these spiritual teachings and healings within a story we can all relate to.

Everything that I do is intended to provide deep and profound healing to help you:

  • Connect with your soul, angels, and the divine
  • Discover what your soul truly wants for you
  • Learn to make soul-aligned decisions
  • Receive guidance, support and encouragement to keep going on your path
  • Find peace within yourself to live a soul-inspired and passion-filled life 

I have been a student of spirituality, meditation, and soul connection practices for many years. I have learned a lot on my own journey, and as a spiritual mentor.  I am excited to share my wisdom and presence with you to help you on your path.

Respecting each individuals unique expression, direction, and beliefs, I will gently assist you in finding what is right for you to find peace, contentment, and passion in life, whatever that means for you. I have had extensive training in various types of bodywork and healing (see list below), and I continue to expand my training and skills to provide the best possible care.

My other interests include yoga, meditation, watercolor painting, going for walks in nature, skiing, dancing, reading, and spending time with my family. I have a wonderful husband, two amazing daughters, and a rescue dog named Misha, who believes she's a princess.

 Bestselling Author or Co-Author of Multiple Books & Contributor to Inspirational Magazines 

List of Relevant Training Completed

  • Advanced Angel Practitioner Certification (Charles Virtue)
  • Archangel Life Coaching Certification (Charles Virtue)
  • Craniosacral Therapy 1 & 2, SomatoEmotional Release 1 & 2, Pediatric Craniosacral (John Upledger)
  • Craniosacral Emergence 1, 2, & 3 (Leonid Soboleff)
  • Myofascial Release 1, 2, Unwinding, & Fascial Pelvis (John Barnes)
  • Heart Centered Therapy 1, 2, & 3 (Alaya Chikly)
  • Esoteric Healing 1-4 (Patricia Enstad)
  • Ambient Healing Light x6 (Val Clark)
  • Healing From the Core (Suzanne Scurlock-Durana)
  • Intuitive Painting  (Donna Webb)
  • Akashic Vibration Process (Maggie Chula)
  • The Connected Soul and Soul Superpower Immersion (Shellie Nelson)
  • B.S. in Occupational Therapy, University of Minnesota, 1993