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It’s amazing how quick I felt transformation occur.

Kris’ healing meditations have helped me start feeling safe in my body and have helped calm me down when I’m overloaded and overwhelmed. I listen to them pretty frequently to keep myself grounded, centered, and open to receiving all that is good.

The Healing & Mentoring Group was so helpful to be able to share the struggles I had during the week and what my intentions were for the guided meditation. It’s amazing how quick I felt transformation occur. I had no idea there could be so much healing in a short moment of time. Thank you Kris for helping me keep my heart open and for all your help in my healing.

Shala M. , Phoenix, AZ

She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

The benefits have been profound and deeply experiential. I have many years of conventional talk-therapy with some success, but had not experienced such a major shift deep within my core, until I worked with Kris. I feel guided and supported to truly open myself up to the good things in my life, and to trust myself and allow the healing to unfold. I am feeling wiser, stronger, and more worthy of love than I experienced before. The spirituality part is big for me, and in my work with Kris, I’ve felt this freedom to explore what this feels like for me. This spiritual piece is foundational for me in all areas of life -- how I relate with myself through my spirituality. I’ve struggled with former beliefs stunting my growth, and addressing and removing these blocks with her guidance has helped re-ground me. I am so thankful I’ve crossed paths with Kris. My journey is much better supported with her gentle guidance. I had no idea what I was walking into when I had my first session, but I know I felt safe there, and for me, that’s how healing and growth flourishes. I highly recommend working with Kris. She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

Kristen L. , Little Canada, MN

Highly recommend any treatment with Kris

I participated in the Healing and Mentoring Group because I wanted to help clear my head and ease some chronic physical pain. The class was held via video/phone which was nice to interact with the other participants. I also liked that during the meditation I could focus on the singing bowls if my eyes fluttered open. In the four week course, I moved toward my goals for taking the class, and I enjoy the fact that I have the meditation recordings to listen to at my leisure. I love Kris’ gentle spirit as she helped guide us participants and would highly recommend any treatment with Kris.

Linda Post , St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

This course seriously changed my life!

My experience with the Archangel Immersion Course was life-changing! I participated in the workshop, weekly, and I saw results. I have created a bond with the Archangels, something that I am so grateful and didn't know was even possible. I have seen actual results in my personal life because of this and I am humbly blessed to meet someone like Kris Groth. Kris is patient, trusting, loving, kind, knowledgeable and intuitive! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor!

Working with Archangels encouraged me to embrace my gifts, especially the gift of serving. I saw the vision of owning a business, while earning an income and being of service. I was able to manifest this with the help of the Archangels! What a blessing! My biggest take-away from participating in this course has been to expand my awareness in order to experience more of the Archangels. If you do not show up, participate & give 110%, it is difficult to see all the magic and miracles that are right in front of you.

I appreciated the group sessions the most. I love interacting with different people and learning from each other. Our positivity and high energy within the group helped create more magic! If you haven't experienced any of Kris Groth's workshops, you are missing out on something so wonderful! I will never forget it and it seriously can change your life! Thank you so much!

Tricia D. , Atlanta, GA

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