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6 Sacred Tips to Improve Receiving

6 Sacred Tips to Improve Receiving

We hear so much about the season of giving, but what about receiving?

There is a pervasive imbalance in giving and receiving for most of us in our culture. We are taught to give, give give…but that to receive is selfish. This doesn’t make sense. If we are giving, someone must receive. So does that mean it is acceptable for others to receive, but not for us? And why do we feel this way?


The underlying belief that we tend to take on is that we are not worthy of receiving. By giving to others, we are proving that we are good. When do we get to the point that we have given enough, and we are now worthy to receive?


The other problem with this pattern is that this perpetual giving leaves us depleted and empty, and then we have nothing to give. How do we fill back up if we do not allow ourselves to receive what we need to nourish and sustain us?

How do we find the balance and learn to receive? Practice.

1  . Ask 

Practice asking for what we need, and taking the time to receive it. Give yourself permission to ask for help, and gratefully accept that help with an open heart. Also give yourself permission to care for yourself and keep yourself healthy on all levels.

2. Self Love 

Practice self-love to cultivate the belief that you are worthy of all the good in life. What can you do to show yourself love, and receive that love deep within. If you can’t receive it from yourself, you won’t be able to accept it from others either.

3. Forgiveness 

Forgive yourself for whatever has happened along the way. If we hold anger and resentment toward ourselves or others, it blocks us from receiving what we need. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, and can help you move into peace and joy.

4. Believe 

Another important practice is believing that everything we need is available to us if we have a clear intention and allow it to come to us. Trusting and believing that the universe is on your side, and everything will be ok. Believe and you will receive.

5. Be open, aware and accepting 

Practice being open to the opportunities, gifts, and other ways our needs can be met, even if they are not what we expected. Pay attention to what is happening around you, and the many ways that your prayers are answered. Accept the unexpected blessings that come your way.

6. Excitement and appreciation 

Embrace your inner child and be excited for every little gift you are given. Gratitude is a practice of being thankful, accepting and appreciating all the blessings in our lives. Take time to be grateful, and express your gratitude to those around you. Accept what you are given with a grateful and loving heart, and those who have given to you will receive that as a gift from you.

Giving and receiving creates a beautiful balance and harmony between people and in the world. Be open to receive and allow this abundance to flow freely, nourishing and sustaining you.

May you be blessed with all the gifts the universe has to offer, receiving it whole-heartedly!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this post, Kris! From a young age I was taught to give and give. I felt very uncomfortable receiving, as though I was undeserving. It wasn’t until my oldest son died that I, on a soul level, understood what it meant to receive. For natural balance to occur in our lives, it’s important to receive as much as we give. This is a timely post and one I’ll be sharing with others. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom and insights. Blessings..

    1. Thanks Cindy! The give, give give, seems to be deeply imbedded in us, especially in this culture. Great time to shift that and enjoy receiving. May you RECEIVE many blessings!

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