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5 Uses of Positive Affirmations for Everyday

5 Uses of Positive Affirmations for Everyday

Do you ever notice that your thoughts or beliefs about yourself get in the way, and keep you from what you really want?

We all have these programs that run through our heads, sometimes it is negative self-talk, or other times it is just don’t believe that another way would be possible for you.

How do we override these old programs that are controlling our lives?

Positive Affirmations

One way is by using positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that can be repeated and internalized to become a new belief. The intention is to use these statements to change your deeply held beliefs that are no longer working for your greatest good, and creating a new belief that does support you and your life.

If you have a limiting belief that nobody could ever love you, you could create affirmations like:   I am lovable, I am loved, I am worthy of being loved, I am open to receiving love, I easily give and receive love. Create as many variations as you can. You can also find affirmations for various themes on the internet, if you need more ideas.

How can you use affirmations?

  1. Read them all out loud. Which ones resonate with you? Are some more difficult to say? Which ones do you really wish were true? If one stands out, repeat it 10 times, until something shifts within you about this, or until it becomes easier. You are repeating this to re-train your mind that this is what you believe. So even if you don’t believe it now but you want to believe it, keep going. The more often you repeat them, and do it each day, eventually it will replace your old beliefs and be your new way of being.
  2. Post them on a wall where you see them throughout the day…on your computer, your desk, your bathroom mirror, the dash of your car. Whenever you see it, say it to yourself.
  3. Record yourself saying them. Listen to a repeating loop of these affirmations, letting your subconscious take it in.
  4. Make a reminder on your phone or computer that will display your affirmation at given times during the day.
  5. Be creative. Find other ways to incorporate your affirmation into your daily life

Why is this important?

If you believe you are not lovable, not only will you not believe or accept love that comes to you, but you will be less likely to attract love. It is very difficult to bring more love into your life if you don’t believe you are worthy of it. It is the same for any limiting belief.

Your belief is like a neon sign on your energy field telling the universe that this is what you believe, and it will reinforce that belief. Using a positive affirmation will change that neon sign to say what you want it to be, and bringing more of that to your life.

So what do you want your sign to say to the universe?

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