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Nurture Yourself, Feed Your Soul


Nurture Yourself, Feed Your Soul

What is it that feeds and nurtures your soul? Have you taken the time to really ponder this question? What if you could do something each day to feed and nurture your soul? How would that feel? What difference would it make in your life?

The main premise behind sacred soul care, is that by taking care of ourselves, on all levels, we will be more able to assist and be present for others, and also live a happier and healthier life. As women, we tend to expend all of our energy caring for others before tending to our own needs, which leaves us depleted, tired, overwhelmed, burned-out, and feeling empty. It is time that we put our needs at the top of our priority list.

It is not selfish to put your needs first. In fact, it is essential and necessary. You wouldn’t drive the car on an empty tank. You fill the tank first so that it can get you where you need to go. You wouldn’t offer someone a drink of water from your empty pitcher. No, you would fill the pitcher first, so that you have something to give. In that same way, you need to fill yourself up, so that you have something to give to others.

What would fill you up?

The way to fill your own tank is to find the things that support you and nurture you. This could me a million different things, but find what resonates with you and truly feeds you on a deep level. This is the key, finding what resonates with your soul and feeds you deeply. We have many activities that we are constantly spending our time and energy on, but if they are not feeding us, they are draining us. What would fill you and not drain you?

Here are some possibilities:

  • Creative outlets: art, writing, singing, dancing, building, cooking, crafts…
  • Taking time for yourself: meditation, journaling, walk outside, get a massage, yoga, sit quietly and have tea or coffee, rest…
  • Learn more about topics that interest you, lights you up, or helps you grow: take a class, read books, listen to podcasts, take a webinar…
  • Spend time with others of similar interests or beliefs: friends, community, church, groups, classes, retreats…
  • Have fun (just because it fills your soul, doesn’t mean it has to be serious) What do you LOVE to do? What makes you happy? Do more of that each day or each week.

Take some time to quiet your mind. Ground and center yourself. Ask yourself these questions, and wait for the answers to come from deep within you. Write down whatever comes to you, even if it seems silly. Don’t think, just write. See if you can get to at least 25 before you review them. If you get stuck, just say “and what else?”.

Create your self-nurturing practice.

When you are done with your list, look it over to see what you can add each day, each week, each month, and schedule them on your calendar or planner. Make sure there is something each day that you do just for you, even if it only takes a minute.

Don’t be afraid to look at the bigger things. If you have always wanted to go to a retreat or swim with dolphins, but never made it a priority. What would it take to make it happen? Break it down into smaller steps. If there are barriers that come up, what would it take for these too be overcome? Set your intentions for what you want, and be open to whatever way it may come to you.

As you start adding in self-nurturing to your daily schedule, notice how you feel. What changes do you notice in yourself? What changes do you notice in how you respond to others? Do others respond differently to you?

Some changes will occur immediately, and others may be more gradual. Just know that this investment that you are making in yourself, will pay off not only for you but for all that do and all that is in your life, and will help your life to reflect the radiance that is within you.

Feed and nurture your soul and it will shine brightly in the world!

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    1. Thanks Barb! A Daily practice does make such a big difference in keeping our souls fed and fulfilled.

  1. This year I am self-nurturing my body, mind and spirit. I just completed a 2 month cleanse and feel fantastic. My soul and I are dancing with anticipation for all the possibilities 2018 brings. Happy New Year Kris!

    1. Thanks so much Debra! Sounds like you are starting the year with great practices and intentions. Isn’t it a wondrous way to live! Blessings to you in 2018!

  2. Such a great reminder, thank you:) Meditation and stillness for me (even just a few mins) makes such a huge difference. Happy New Year to you!

    1. You are exactly right Tarah! Simple, easy, one-minute practices are all it takes! Blessings to you in 2018!

  3. Well said, Kris. I like how you bring us back to the important question, “how do you feel?” Your article is a wonderful reminder to use ‘how we feel’ as the compass to navigate our soul’s desires. As for me, I plan to incorporate more time in nature and meditation. Happy New Year with joyful blessings.

    1. Good point Cindy! Often even the things we like, don’t always make us feel good, like the cookies we love but make us feel like crap later. Tuning in to our feelings and listening deeply will help us to sort out what really nurtures us. Blessings to you in the new year!

  4. I love this blog because this is how I live and what I teach my clients! To feed your soul is to truly live. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject Kris.

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