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Making Soul-Guided Decisions

Making Soul-Guided Decisions

Have you ever been in the predicament of trying to make a decision, but both options seem viable? Of course you have. We have all been in this position many times. Struggling and obsessing over making a tough decision. We weigh all the pros and cons and find that they both come up equal. How do you decide which one is right for you?

I have often found myself in this situation. These decisions would leave me tossing and turning at night, worrying and stewing by day. This process takes an exorbitant amount of energy and left me feeling both mentally and physically drained. I thought to myself, there must be another way.

Making a Soul Connection

Following my spiritual path, I have had many great teachers and have learned many valuable practices along the way. One of the practices that has made the biggest difference for me is connecting with my soul. I do this through meditation and journaling, but then also carry it through my daily life. See my article “5 Steps to Finding the Answers Within” for instruction on connecting with your soul.


Practice connecting with your soul to get acquainted with how it feels, what sensations you notice, how do you receive messages. The more you practice this, the more you will be able to understand and trust what your soul is guiding you to.

Acknowledge Mind, Ego and Heart

When faced with a difficult decision, I first write down what my mind knows about each option, including my fears about them. Getting these down on paper helps to satisfy the ego’s need to be heard. I can then set my mind and ego aside and allow my heart to speak. I take some time to acknowledge what my heart desires.

Compare options at soul level

Once both the mind, ego and heart have been heard, I can sit and connect deeply with my soul, or my deepest self. I feel this at my core. Allowing my mind to quiet. I ask my soul about each option one at a time, noting any feelings, sensations, images, thoughts, etc that come up in that moment. Then I ask my soul, how would my soul feel after choosing each option. Does one of them feel more expansive, warm, flowing, joyful? Does one feel more constricting, empty, cold?

In my book, Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion, Lily uses this method to help her sort out her feelings about the two different men in her life. To read more of Lily’s experiences and her journey of self-discovery and soul connection, go to books2read.com/soul-iloquy

Connecting with you soul to make decisions will not only decrease your stress and allow you to relax and feel more at peace within yourself, but it will also help you to feel more confident in your decisions because the decisions are in alignment with your soul. Decisions that are aligned with your soul will just feel right, even if they are difficult steps to take.

Take the time to practice connecting with your soul, and following it’s guidance throughout the day. The more you practice, the easier it will be, and soon you will be living a soul-connected life.

Click here to receive a free meditation to help you connect with your soul.   My gift to you!

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  1. I have learned to trust my inner guidance system. Once you connect and trust – you have a soul connection that will never guide you in the wrong direction! 🙂

    1. True, it is a lesson we all need to learn. Following this guidance can be like a compass that always points to the soul’s path. Thanks, Debra!

  2. Hi Kris, I really appreciate the soul-based approach to making a decision that you share in this blog. When we get in tune with ourself, our guidance will light the pathway to the choice that’s right for us at the time we seek it.

  3. A wonderful post Kris! I agree get to know what your soul sounds and feels like before you need to make a decision. I absolutely loved how you acknowledge the mind, ego and heart. What a great exercise to help others in their decision making process.

  4. Appreciating the wisdom of: “Once both the mind, ego, and heart have been heard, I can sit and connect deeply with my soul, or my deepest self. I feel this at my core.”

    xo Lore

        1. Thank you for letting me know. The link has been fixed. Soul-iloquy is available on most online retailers. And paperbacks are also available here on my website. krisgroth.com/shop

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