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Journaling to Converse with your Soul

Journaling to Converse with your Soul

Sacred soul-care is so important for our emotional and spiritual well-being. Finding daily practices to support and nurture our soul, can seem challenging. One of my favorite daily practices is journaling.

Assignment to journal daily for 6 months

I have not been a lifelong journaler. I tried keeping a diary as a kid, but it never stuck. As an adult, one of my mentors assigned me to write in a journal everyday for the six months that we worked together. This assignment changed not only my attitude toward writing, but I also experienced profound results from doing it regularly.

Ground, Center, Connect, Journal

Each night before I went to bed, I took time to ground, center and connect with my soul, then I would get out my journal. I wrote about my day, how I was feeling, the things I was going through. Sometimes questions came up, issues that I was trying to sort through, trying to find answers or direction. I just let it all flow without concern or judgement.

Clear away the day

The most amazing things happened. The more I did this, connecting deep within myself and letting the words just flow, I began to feel more clarity, calmness, and lightness settling over me. Writing everything down was helping me to clear away all that I had happened during the day, and allowed me to go to bed without all the extra baggage. My mind could relax and quiet.

Receiving messages

I realized the words I was writing were messages from my deepest self. My soul was speaking to me thorough my writing. Writing a question that had been bothering me, then immediately writing the next thing that came to mind, without thinking or judging, often the answers surprised me. From this connected and centered space, I began to write from my heart, feeling the messages I was receiving were real. I looked forward to my nightly conversations with my soul.

Fears and worries aside

The mind and ego definitely try to get their opinions heard, and I did honor that. I wrote down those fears and worries as they came up, finding that if I took the time to put them on paper, I could set them aside and give more attention to the heart and soul.

In my book, Soul-iloquy, which comes out May 30th, the main character learns to journal as a way to communicate with her soul as she moves through her spiritual journey and transformation. Journaling is one of the tools that helps her to make choices that are in alignment with her soul and her purpose.

Create a dedicated time

Start with just a few minutes per day. It doesn’t matter if it is morning or night, but find a time that you can do it consistently, and without distraction. Create this sacred time for you. You deserve it.

Making journaling a part of your daily soul-care practice, is a way to honor and connect with your self, listen deeply to your inner wisdom, and learn to live a soul-connected and soul-inspired life.

Isn’t that what we’re all searching for?



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  1. I have never been able to maintain a steady journalling practice. I’d write from time to time but it always fizzled out. I love how you shared so many benefits that can be realized through journalling. I think I will give it a try again, I have some questions that need answering and perhaps this will let them bubble up unfiltered. Thank you, Kris!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Good luck to you in with tuning in to your wisdom, may you find the answers you seek!

  2. I’ve seen journaling coming up quite a bit lately. It must be very important to get that message out. I love to write. It used to be that I couldn’t wait to get home to journal, about my day, the messages I received, my feelings, etc. I eventually stopped because it was taking up so much time so now I try it differently as in journaling in my mind as I think throughout the day. I don’t have time to write it all down but I do make note of the important parts or if there is something I don’t want to forget. I’ve been thinking of getting back into it lately. Maybe when it gets nicer outside so I can sit and be with nature ?

    1. Thanks for bringing that up, for some people it works just as well to record their thoughts with audio or video during the day as things come up and are fresh in your mind. I love the idea of sitting outside with a journal!

  3. I do journaling off and on throughout my life. It’s interesting to look back and see how I have evolved and what has manifested in my life. I love gratitude journaling in the morning and before bed. This brings us abundance in ways we may never imagine. Writing in a journal outside is a great idea!

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