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11 Easy Ways to Ground Yourself

11 Easy Ways to Ground Yourself


Do you ever have so much to do, but at the end of the day, you realize you hardly got anything done? Have you ever been driving and realize you were on auto-pilot, not remembering taking that exit, or why you went this way? Do you go through your day, getting everything done, then wonder “did I really do that, was I really there”? Do you ever feel like a pinball, being bounced around in the game of your life, at the mercy of the actions and triggers of others? If you have had similar experiences to these, odd are you were not grounded at the time.In our society, being busy is often linked with being successful. We look at our full schedules as a badge of honor, even bragging to others about how busy we are. Actually we complain about how busy we are, while at the same time trying to cram in even more into that full schedule. For some reason, we enjoy that phrenetic pace, running around like head-less chickens. But in all that busy-ness we often lose our grounding.What is grounding? It is not being locked in your room without TV because you broke the rules. It is a feeling of connection to the earth and our physical bodies. When we are not grounded, our energy is often scattered and spinning around us. This causes us to be flighty, absent-minded, hyper, unaware, and disconnected. When we are ungrounded, it is difficult to focus or concentrate. We have trouble maintaining boundaries with ourselves and others. We over-extend ourselves, and allow ourselves to get depleted because we are not in touch with our bodies. This can lead to illness and injury.

Why be grounded? Many people like to feeling of being ungrounded. They feel free and unlimited. But this perceived freedom is an illusion. If one is grounded, there is actually more freedom and opportunity, because you are more connected to yourself. You are not so easily thrown off by the actions of others. You have clearer thinking and focus. You are more efficient and can get more done in less time. You have better control of your body, and are more in tune with what you need. Grounding is necessary for being present in the now.

Some people also have the false belief that if they are grounded, they will be less connected to spirit. This is not true, in fact, I have found that times when I was most grounded, I had the most profound spiritual experiences. It is easier to make spiritual connections when you are grounded and connected to your body and the earth. As a bonus, when you are grounded during a spiritual experience, it is easier to take what you received with you in your daily life.

What can you do to ground yourself?

  1. Sit near a tree
  2. Garden, working in dirt
  3. Go barefoot
  4. Hold grounding stones (hematite, tiger iron, agate, copper)
  5. Eating root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets)
  6. Go for a walk, preferably in nature, park or place with trees
  7. Running/jogging
  8. Massage your feet
  9. Breathe…take deep breaths, in through nose and out through mouth
  10. Visualize the center of you, and call in all your energy that has scattered to come to that center
  11. Visualize roots extending down through your feet into the earth like a tree

Any of these activities can help you become more grounded, but this is just a start. If you notice that you are ungrounded, take a moment to imagine connecting to yourself and the earth, it only takes a few seconds but will make a big difference. Making a daily practice of grounding is a great way to maintain that connection with yourself, keeping your body and mind healthy, and also reducing your stress. ​

Have a happy and grounded day!

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  1. What a lovely reminder of how simple it is to ground ourselves when we feel disconnected, scattered or overwhelmed. I loved reading your list and seeing that I am doing so many of these already and got some great new ideas to try.

  2. I know for myself that being grounded connects me even more with Spirit than when I’m not. Great post!

  3. Thank you for posting reminders of how to get grounded. It’s important to connect and stay balanced.

  4. One of the things that drew us to our new home is the spectacular ancient oaks (like the one in your picture) all over the island. Their energy is amazing. And, while I already employ a number of your suggestions, I appreciate your description of “scattered energy.” Thanks.

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