March 12

Spring Forward, Out of Your Comfort Zone

Spring Forward, Out of Your Comfort Zone


Having just moved our clocks forward for daylight savings time, I am reminded that it is time to do just that, spring forward. All winter there has been a dormancy in the natural world and also within ourselves. Winter is all about quiet introspection, going within, recharging and replenishing for the coming year. Now spring is almost here. The trees are gathering their energies for new growth. Seeds in the earth, have been comfortable in the darkness, but now feel cramped and ready to expand. They reach for the light that they know is there, even if they can’t see it. Somewhere deep inside them they inherently know that if they can just keep reaching and stretching themselves, they will bloom and grow allowing all of their divine gifts to shine. That is what we need to do as well.How can we stretch ourselves to be more of what we are born to be? In what ways can we step out of our comfort zone and let our gifts be seen, to bloom?

One of the ways I am stretching myself is by writing. I have been feeling the nudge lately to write more, and not just for myself as I had been doing in my journal, but to write as a way to share my gifts with others. I was recently reminded that when I was a child and even in high school, I loved to write and thought I would be a professional writer. Somehow along the way, this gift was shut down. Not only did I forget that I ever wanted to write, but I forgot that I could.  I had picked up the belief that I had used up all my words, that I had nothing to share, no one would want to her what I had to say, and that words were not my friends. All of these things that I had told myself over their years were untrue and were keeping contained in my shell.

What have your told yourself over the years that is not true? What gets in the way of you being all that you are meant to be?

By letting go of these old untruths, and allowing my writing gifts to come forward, I feel a new excitement and energy about it. A light has been re-lit, one that I thought had been snuffed years ago. Now it is burning brightly and shining a light within me. And like the seed emerging from the ground, now that this sliver of light has been found, there is no stopping it from blooming and springing forward.

What steps can you take to let your true light shine and emerge from the darkness?
​May all your gifts spring forward joyfully!

​Happy spring!

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  1. Kris, loved your post and great job on re-connecting with your soul! I let writing slip away for a very long time also and “found” it again only a couple of years ago. Not until I was in a deep hibernation of sorts did I find it and my soul has been grateful ever since.
    Keep writing, we’ll keep reading!

  2. Growth can be lovely if we allow. I know sometimes I may feel like it is not, and then poof off and gliding again. xoxo

  3. Love that you write soul whisper and i write heart whispers 🙂 Great to meet you and yes when we spring forth growth comes. Thanks xx

  4. How lovely that you tapped back into your love of writing! It’s already serving you well.

  5. I just love how nature helps us connect to our own rhythms. Spring is the perfect time as you say to see what seeds were planted but lay dormant but are ready to begin to grow. LOVE it!

  6. I am so stinkin’ proud of you! Congratulations on getting this blog post out! And it’s magnificent! xoxo

  7. SO glad you gave yourself permission to write so you can share your gifts! Great post! 🙂 Happy Spring!

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