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Powerful Student Experience of Archangel Immersion

Powerful Student Experience of Archangel Immersion

Guest Blog by Shala Morgan

Music has been a major healing component in my life, and I’ve been floored by how healing Kris’s crystal singing bowl meditations are. I’ve always had issues trying to connect with the angels and had felt like it was a one-way communication; therefore, I was alone. That’s when the Archangel Immersion course changed my life.

Kris’s meditations for each angel allowed me to connect with them in a much more personal, unique, and intimate way. I had something I could use throughout the day to connect with them. I had no idea of the healing and momentum that would follow. I got more than I bargained for, and it was the huge shift I needed.

We started with Archangel Michael. I didn’t expect an experience so immediately after our first class. I went to reply to a text from a friend, and instead of typing “Hi Karen,” I typed “Bye Jaden.” It wasn’t until I started erasing those words that I realized the significance of what I actually wrote. I had just said “bye” to the baby that was supposed to have been mine 6 years ago. It had shattered me when the birth mom changed her mind the moment she heard him cry. Michael helped me realize I was ready to let go of this pain and helped me release it. I think I needed his level of strength to be able to do it. It was one thing that had consumed my heart for some time.

Archangel Raphael was next. I had started using different sets of oracle cards at this point to communicate with each angel. And with Raphael, I had the biggest breakthrough. It came about through an exercise from one of the cards I had picked. As I sat with the card Raphael guided me to, “Open Your Heart,” and allowed myself to receive it’s healing energy, I was finally able to process and release a lot of childhood pain. I spoke to myself in a much kinder way and told my “mom” it didn’t matter if she didn’t want me. The Universe wanted me here. My desire to be wanted had played into so many situations in my life. I finally got the release from the pain I needed and started loving myself.

Archangel Uriel provided illumination in my work environment that was activating old childhood trauma. He helped me realize I needed to start asking for help, especially if I’m drowning in my emotions. He also helped me take a step back and observe things with humor (including some ridiculousness around me). He helped me visualize a safe place for the younger part of myself that was activated by this environment. We surrounded her with so much love and all her safe people. She really likes Uriel. I think he’s her favorite because he’s funny and sat her on a horse.

I had no idea how close to my heart Archangel Zadkiel “hovered.” My cat normally goes to this spot on my chest, near my heart, as it’s a spot of comfort and safety. As I was talking to Kris about my experiences with Zadkiel, I kept waving my hands around this same spot. She helped me make that connection that Zadkiel was right there. It helped me not feel so alone. Zadkiel’s message to me was that the compassion and forgiveness I needed to feel was for myself. I’m way too hard on myself and beat myself up when I can’t handle something or if I have to “white knuckle” through things. He told me to spread my angel wings and not let anything hold me back. As I tried to imagine this, the image cracked me up of me maneuvering around everything with the wings. He gently showed me that my wings move with me. Nothing gets in my way.

Archangel Gabriel helped me gain clarity. He helped me communicate with the frozen fragmented pieces of myself that have been stuck in childhood trauma. He helped me realize I need to distinguish myself, my own color, from the rest of the world. He helped me speak up for myself and ask for help. And so much wisdom came from being able to process things. He’s helped me be honest with myself.

The Archangels guided me through pain and emotions that I had been avoiding because I didn’t know HOW to process them and move forward in my life. I hadn’t been able to love myself enough to make these shifts and breakthroughs on my own. They held my hand through all the pain, and they’ve been helping me heal my own angel wings. It’s crazy how I can “feel” the differences in their personality and the way they communicate with me. I never thought this would be possible. I am forever grateful for them teaching me how to love myself, because now I’m healing places in my heart I never thought I could reach. Thank you dear Archangels.

Click here to learn more about the Archangel Immersion Courses. The next course, Archangel Immersion: Self-Love, is scheduled to begin March 1st, 2020. Sign up today!

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  1. I tend to call out to Archangel Michael for help followed by Archangel Raphael. Sometime back I tried a quiz by Kyle Gray and discovered my primary archangel is actually Raphael!

    1. Thanks for your comment Vatsala, I am actually currently working on an Archangel Quiz to identify which one can help with your current needs, along with a meditation to connect with that Archangel. I’ll be releasing it very soon, stay tuned.

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