June 21

MANIFESTING: A Healing Book as Unexpected Gift

MANIFESTING: A Healing Book as Unexpected Gift


One year ago today, I was in Mount Shasta meditating on the summer solstice. I have a dedicated meditation practice, which I do every night before I go to sleep. It helps me to calm, clear my mind, focus, connect with my soul and the divine, etc. I often ask for guidance, messages, and signs to help me. Sometimes I get an immediate sense, a thought, a feeling, an idea. Other times it comes as a sign days later.This night, as I sat in meditation, I felt the presence of an angel with me, and also a couple other beings as well. I was asking for guidance in my career and how I can better help others. I heard this angel say to me, very clearly, “by this time next you will be writing a book.” I accepted this, but had no idea how to write a book or what I would even write about. I set the idea aside. In January, I suddenly received a flood of ideas for a book. It was time to take action, but I still had no idea how to do it. The next day I saw an ad for an 8 week writing intensive. Another sign. I took the class and started writing my book. That was 6 months ago. I have just completed my first draft of the book, two days before this year’s summer solstice!

This book is a novel about a woman’s transformational journey, the healing she receives along the way that helps her to connect with her soul and find her purpose. She also makes decisions about the direction she wants her life to go, including choosing between traditional romantic love and soul-connected love.

The book is another way for me to bring the energy of healing and transformation as well as spiritual teachings to the world. I had been asking for another way that I can serve to help others heal. I never would have thought of writing a book, especially a novel, for this purpose. I am so excited to have it come into form, and see how it really can make a difference by allowing the readers to be immersed into the story and receive the healing along with the characters.

This experience has been a big lesson for me in being open to receive what I ask for in any form, letting go of any pre-conceived ideas as to how I want it to happen or what form I think it should be. It is also about following guidance as it comes in little nudges, thoughts, ideas, the appearance of a FB ad at just the right time, and the people that appear when I need help. I have also improved my ability to discern which signs are important, which really resonate with my soul and excite me, and which repel me or give me a negative feeling.

This guidance has taken me way beyond what I thought I was capable of. Bringing people into my life who could support and assist me to be able to actually do it. Showing me that I have unlimited potential and possibilities. We all do!

Asking for what we want and need, is important, but we need to be open to the endless possibilities of how our wishes and dreams can manifest. It is easy to reject ideas that are outside the scope of what we imagined. By rejecting or ignoring these, we could be pushing away the best ones, simply because we hadn’t thought of it that way or it was not what we expected. Had I not accepted writing a book as a way to bring more healing to others, I would not have discovered the joy I have for writing, a gift I was a previously unaware of. I am so grateful for all of these unexpected blessings!

May you receive all that you want, need and dream of, and be blessed with limitless gifts in surprising and unexpected ways!

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    1. It always amazes me what miraculous things can happen when we connect with them and ask for help! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debra! I’m so excited and enjoying the whole experience! I appreciate the encouragement! 🙂

  1. Thanks, Jo! It really is magical, and so much fun to watch it unfold and see what will happen! I love that you mentioned soul whispers, since that is the name of my blog! 😉

  2. I never get tired of being amazed at how my prayers are answered, many of them in ways I never would have thought of myself. Your book sounds fascinating.

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