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Experiences with Archangel Michael


Experiences with Archangel Michael

(Archangel Immersion Series, part 1)

Many of us are yearning for deeper spiritual connection. We want guidance in our decision making and our daily lives.  We also want to feel loved unconditionally and supported no matter what we do. Ultimately, we want to know that we are not alone. 

The archangels are the highest spiritual being on the “hierarchy”, right next to the God of your understanding. They are present and available to all, no matter what religion, culture or beliefs you subscribe to.

I have felt drawn to angels for most of my life, and have been connecting with them for my own personal support, as well as during my healing work with clients for many years. Recently I received the guidance to create a class for connecting deeply with the archangels. The course is called Archangel Immersion. Students would spend a week focused on each archangel, becoming more open to receive what they offer, learning how to sense their presence, and developing a stronger relationship with them. 

Archangel Michael is the first one that we called on. He is the one that people are most familiar with. The archangel of protection, he is often depicted carrying a sword and shield like a warrior. Archangel Michael is usually called upon to provide safety and security, to keep our families safe, and to help in times of challenge and danger, but that is not all he can provide. 

When I called upon Archangel Michael in meditation, I felt an energy or vibration wrap around me like a shawl, giving me a sense that everything will be alright. This same sensation came to me each time I intentionally sat and called him in, and asked to feel him. Others in the class felt his presence as a strong, powerful energy that made them feel safe. We each sense the angels in ways that are comfortable for us, and fit with our abilities and experiences. It can be different for everyone, as we are all unique.

I also realized that Archangel Michael sends me messages through songs. Each day I woke with a different song in my head, one that I hadn’t heard in quite some time, but that was familiar to me. The particular line of each song that I heard was fitting with what I needed to hear. I knew immediately that it was a sign from him. Receiving a new one each day validated that belief for me. Since releasing Archangel Michael and moving on to the next archangel, I haven’t received any more song messages. 

One of the students in the class, asked Archangel Michael for a sign that he was with her. The next day she got stuck in her car and had to call 911 to get help. Along came six huge firefighters to rescue her, as soon as she saw their strong and courageous presence coming toward her, she knew immediately that it was Archangel Michael giving her a big sign. The men were very kind and helpful, they easily saved her from her predicament unharmed. And were kindly laughing with her after she was freed. This experience showed her that Archangel Michael can appear through other people, and that his presence was powerful and strong, yet kind and compassionate. She felt safe and protected, and is now confident he will be there whenever she or her loved ones need help.

Another lesson from Archangel Michael came as a student encountered a homeless woman asking for money. Her first thought was “If I give her money, who knows what she will spend it on.” She immediately heard a soft voice in her head that said, “Look beyond her appearance. Look into her eyes.” She knew immediately she was being guided by Archangel Michael to show compassion. As soon as she looked into her eyes, the woman started to cry. When asked what she needed to feel better, she said “$15 or whatever you can spare.” After handing her the money, she looked into the woman’s eyes again and said, “How about a hug?” The woman started crying even harder and accepted the hug, which was likely more needed and appreciated than the money. Both of these women received amazing gifts they never expected, that likely changed them both.

Archangel Michael came to help another student when her car was stolen. She asked him for help recovering her property. Two days later, the police found her car, it was just a couple miles away. The car was undamaged, but was filled with stuff. Apparently a homeless person had taken her car to live in for a couple days. Instead of being angry about the incident, the student felt overwhelming compassion. Her car was able to provide shelter for someone in need for a couple days. She is definitely grateful to have her car back, but what she learned from the experience has impacted how she looks at the world. 

Archangel Michael is always around us, and willing to help us whenever we need him. We do need to remember to ask for help and to pay attention to what happens around us. The signs and messages are all around us, if we take the time to be aware of them. 

What experiences have you had with Archangel Michael? Please share them in the comments.

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  1. Oh, Kris… I love your post.

    The first story that comes to mind is when my friend’s son was in a car accident and as the semi-truck impacted the back door on the driver’s side of the car, he saw and felt an angel wrap is arms and wings around him to protect him. No one at the scene of the accident could believe, based on the damage to the car, that he walked away with only a few bruises.

    Thank you for sharing these experiences with Arch Angel Michael. Many blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for sharing this story, it reaffirms the belief that miracles really do happen every day! And knowing the angels are with us in the traumatic as well as the mundane experiences helps us to feel we’re not alone, and I appreciate that reassurance.

  2. Thank you for sharing these resources to help us connect with the angels. We need their protection in these uncertain times.

  3. It was the week of January, 1973. My mother had died without knowing that I found (we, AAMichael and I) found her wedding ring. She wanted me to have it knowing that the Cancer was winning her battle. We were sitting Shiva at our home when I felt I shove on my shoulder. There was no one around. Everyone was in the kitchen as I remember. I was in the living room on the step down to enter the den. I stepped off the step due to the shove and I walked over to a box with the name “AVON” on it. I opened the box and found pieces of costume jewelry mixed in with the DIAMOND WEDDING RING. I yelled out, “I found it, I found it”. My aunts and others were so happy to see that the ring was going to be with me her sister offered to make it into a beautiful piece to wear around my neck for Always and Forever. As my mom use to say. One day when my mom and I were driving I felt her staring at me, she said, “I love you”. I said, “I love you too”. Then I went on to ask her if she could communicate with me in anyway when she reached the other side to please try to. She sort of laughed under her breath and said that she didn’t know if she could but that she would try. The necklace has always been a sign for me when the clasp hits the diamond she’s thinking of me.

    1. What a beautiful story! I love how the angels work with us in miraculous ways. Such a comfort and blessing to have that sign and reminder of your mom with you “always and forever”. Thank you for sharing!

  4. In this time of conflict with China, whose President seems mentally unstable, I think we should earnestly pray for Michael’s help. I am worried about submarines carrying nuclear reactors being destroyed and irreversibly polluting the seas.

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