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Healing to Find the Middle Ground


Healing to Find the Middle Ground

A time for healing

I was in a healing session for myself yesterday. A pain in my shoulder just would not go away. I know that these things are often a result of stuck emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with.  

Identifying the struggle

During the session I could feel the struggle within myself. One side was the positive visionary who sees only possibilities, amazing opportunities, and success. She sees all my dreams coming true, and that they are just around the corner. Everything is bright and shiny and miraculous in her world. She feels light and expansive, nothing can stop her. She has no worries or concerns, and truly believes all will be well.

The other part of me is stuck in the muck of “reality”. I call this the practical side. Worrying about money, stressing about the details, trying to figure out what to do and how to make it happen. She feels weighed down by stress, responsibilities, and the realities of the present times. Depressed and despairing because she can’t seem to get everything to work out the way that she envisions.

So what do I do with these two opposing sides that both serve a purpose for me, and yet the struggle between them is wreaking havoc in my body? I don’t want to get rid of either one. The visionary is needed to continue to dream and inspire me to be more. The practical side handles the day to day requirements of life. They both play an important role. What can I do when I can no longer live with this struggle?

Finding the middle ground

Suddenly I had a clear vision of living in between them. Finding a balance between the two sides. The middle ground where dreams and possibilities can come into form and the dark reality has hope. In this place of balance, both sides can help each other. The practical side can help the visionary to take steps to make her dreams come true. And the visionary can help the despairing practical one to see that there are endless possibilities, and she doesn’t need to stay stuck where she is.

Where Dreams and Possibilities can come into form and the dark reality has Hope.

This middle ground is the place where my path spreads out before me. This is where I move forward in my truth and let my light shine. Possibility in action.

Can you find your middle ground?

Where do your dreams come into form and your possibilities into action?

Where does your reality find hope?


If you need help finding this for yourself, reach out to me. I’d love to help. Click this link to schedule a free call or schedule a healing session.

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  1. I love reading that you made space for both the visionary and your practical side. I, too, need them “both” in my life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Andrea, it’s not always easy to find the middle, where both sides can be at peace, but it definitely seems to be worth it to find that balance.

  2. Reading your post I could feel your struggle and the duality so often many of us feel, Kris. It reminded me of Gemini and how they are seen as the twins, expressing themselves in almost diametrically opposed ways. One day, one twin surfaces. The next day, the other. The middle ground is much more peaceful and leads to calm and productivity. It’s wonderful to read how you found this middle ground through staying objective and being able to see both sides of yourself… the challenge and the dream. Thanks for sharing this and may we all find the middle ground of healing for ourselves.

    1. Thank you so much Beverley! I don’t usually share so much of my personal struggle and healing, but today I was pushed to write this. Thanks for your support and understanding. Blessings to you on your healing journey!

  3. I love your perspective of finding a middle ground Kris. It’s true that it may not serve us to completely get rid of our “practical side” , which may it times be a bit negative in my opinion. That’s where healing is so beneficial. It helps us find the balance between the “side of dreams and possibilities” and the practical side! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. It’s always been about balance for me. I now find that it’s the balancing of our right and left brain that is increasingly important. Spiritual side meets practical side. Intuitive meets logic.

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