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Disconnect to Reconnect, How Unplugging is Good for the Soul


Disconnect to Reconnect, How Unplugging is Good for the Soul

What if you could reconnect with your deeper self to hear the whispers of your soul?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you have to pay attention to in every moment? In this time of technology and social media, we are constantly bombarded with information and tasks that need our attention. There are so many distractions and things to pay attention to at all times that it seems impossible to have even a moment’s peace. How can we expect to hear the whispers of our soul with all this noise?

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Make YOU a priority:  The first step is to put your needs for personal and spiritual wellbeing at the top of your list. Your needs are more important than your emails, social media posts, television, phone calls, etc.  Your needs are also more important that all the other obligations and expectations weighing on you.

Disconnect:  The second step is actually taking time out and disconnecting from all those distractions. Turning off the phone, computer, TV, radio. A complete break from all the noise and busy-ness, even if it is for a couple hours, will allow you to begin to settle down and quiet your mind. You might want to leave your house and go somewhere to physically get away and to avoid being pulled back into the chaos. Go to a park, take a drive, a weekend getaway (unplugged)…whatever will give you the opportunity to take a break from your routine and stress, and disconnect.

Reconnect with your Self:  Once you have disconnected from your stressors, you can begin to reconnect with your self by grounding, centering, meditating, journaling, and other soul-care practices. Do you have some interests that had gotten pushed aside because you were too busy? Take some time to do the things you love and that bring you joy. Find the excitement and joy you once had as a child. Or simply take the time to just be…enjoy the stillness around you, taking in all the natural beauty, and being grateful for the gift of being alive this day.

Reconnecting with your deeper self, and paying attention to the urgings of your soul is a precious gift that you can give yourself. If you took the time to listen, what might your soul be trying to tell you? What valuable information have you been missing amidst all the distractions?

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Schedule sacred soul time: It really is that simple. Follow these steps as often as you can. Maybe each day you take an hour for your sacred soul time. Once a week take a day for yourself. Once a month go away for a weekend. Whatever schedule works for you and your needs. Just make sure it is at the top of your priority list and that you find ways to make it happen, you might need to be creative.

It is not selfish to take time for yourself, in fact, it is the best thing you can do for others.

Reconnecting with your passion and purpose will benefit us all, and promote peace in the world.


If you would like help or guidance to reconnect with your deeper self, please schedule a complimentary phone consult to discuss your options.

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  1. Last week I spent the day at my cousin’s cottage and other than one message from my daughter, I totally unplugged. Enjoyed the clean country air, played with my cousin’s grandson, visited with her next door neighbours and it was delightful! I also do not do any emails or social media unless I am at home on my computer, so in that way, I unplug from the online world to make ‘me’ the priority when I am away from home.

    1. Wonderful! I love that unplugged time out in nature! I like your rule of only checking emails etc when you are at home, that’s a great practice of setting aside “you”time.

  2. I have a standing rule in my family that no one is to try to call or text me until after 8 a.m. unless it’s an emergency. That is my time for prayer, meditation and journaling. That’s also when my heart is most likely to speak to me.

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