A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion

Kris Groth

Spiritual Mentor ~ Energy Healer ~ Bestselling Author

 Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion

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  • Aspire Magazine Top 10 Inspiring Books List
  • Spirited Woman Top 12 Book Pick

About Soul-iloquy

What if you could have a conversation with your soul? Could it help you with your career or your love life? Do ever you wonder what a soul-connected life would look like?

Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection, and Passionprovides a vivid picture of how spirituality and healing can blend with everyday life, to give it purpose and direction. 

A dark night of the soul has Lily St. Angelo searching for something that will give her empty life meaning, fulfillment, and passion. Join Lily on her journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, as she learns to connect deeply within herself, heal her past, listen to her guidance, and make some life-changing decisions. 

Can she find the courage to forge her own path, going against what is expected of her? What does her soul truly desire? Will she choose romantic love or soul love? What would you choose?

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 Praise for Soul-iloquy

"A gift from above! Soul-iloquy weaves powerful spiritual lessons into a beautiful story we can all relate to, as it takes you on a journey of soul-searching, self-discovery, and transformation. The angels have smiled upon Kris Groth with this book! For all spiritual seekers, this book is a must read!"  

Sunny Dawn Johnston ~ Author, Speaker and Psychic Medium

“A soul-inspiring read! As a woman who has been honoring the whispers of her soul of her soul for over twenty-five years myself, I was drawn to Lily’s character, reflective personality, and her journey of self-discovery.  Kris Groth’s book, Soul-iloquy will inspire you to trust, honor and follow your own soul whispers.”

Linda Joy ~ Visibility Catalyst and Bestselling Publisher, Aspire Magazine and Inspired Living Publishing

A beautiful story of spiritual discovery. It’s a loving invitation to dive deeper into healing, communication with your Soul, and Soul connections throughout time.”

Shellie Nelson

“With flowing prose, Kris invites us to share in Lily’s journey of awakening. As a healer and teacher, I especially value Lily’s journal entries (used to introduce each chapter) as examples of a person beginning to dialog with their own higher soul and guides. Lily’s connection with Angels also creates a template for others longing to experience their own direct connection with these beneficent beings. Brava, Kris, for creating a magical blend of romance, healing, spirituality and self-help!

Reba Linker ~ Healer, Author, Teacher

“This beautiful work of art blends storytelling with profound wisdom and practical tools for living a deeply nurtured and authentic life. The way the story is written allows us to fully experience Lily’s transformational journey through her journal entries, self-nurturing practices, and reflections on her growth and change. It’s a delightful and inspiring read!”

Kelley Grimes, MSW ~ Counselor, Speaker and Best-selling Author

A wonderful story of love, honoring feelings, and the search to find an answer for life’s questions. Lily’s journey to understand her heart leads to a deep connection to her soul’s wisdom and the knowledge she has support on many levels.

Rev. Maggie Chula ~ Spiritual Minister and Healer for the Soul

“In Soul-iloquy, Kris Groth shares the story of Lily St. Angelo and while reading her story, I couldn’t help but think that in many ways, it is all of our stories. All of us who’ve been on our own spiritual journey, will resonate with the questions that plague Lily, with her experiences finding the answers and with her surrender to connecting to a deeper part of herself — her soul. The book is both charming and heart-warming, filled with real-life situations familiar to us all. By navigating them with an open heart, mind and spirit, Lily reminds us how rich life can be when we are finally living a soul-filled life!

Beverley Golden ~ Writer, Peacenik and Best-Selling Author

“In Soul-iloquy, we are taken on a journey of self-discovery and soul-discovery. Through Lily St. Angelo, Kris paints a vivid picture - the shining star is our deep personal reunion/relationship with our soul, connecting us to our most sacred path - True Love.”

Debra Oakland ~ Courage Advocate & Bestselling Author of Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change

Captivating! This is Lily's story but, in reality, it is every woman's story who has been at the depths of heartache & pain. Her journey, our journeys, are never without challenges and we each have the opportunity to lead our lives through a deep connection to our inner truth and spirit. Kris Groth is able to draw the reader in and show us this connection through Lily's story and how we can all learn from Lily's experience to open our hearts, trust ourselves and have faith.”

Laura Clark ~ Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Trainer. Founder of Soul Wise Living

“As I was reading Kris’s penning I was the woman in this book, SOUL-ILOQUY. What I share is this: It's essential for you to reconnect to that place inside of you where your intuition and where your truth is a the vital part of your life. This is your SOUL.”

Cindy Hively ~ Intuitive Healing Coach

“I loved this book! It's such a beautiful expression of a woman's journey to the depths of her soul and how she can find the courage to express herself and follow her soul's path. Each of us have a yearning to connect and have a conversation with our soul. Kris Groth gives us this opportunity in her book, Soul-iloquy. Through her beloved character Lily, Kris takes us on a healing journey to connect with our soul. She asks the transformative questions that inspire an inner dialogue with our own soul as she guides us gracefully step-by-step, on our personal path to spiritual awakening. A must read for anyone seeking spiritual guidance in getting in touch with the deepest reaches of their soul.”

Dr. Debra L. Reble ~ Intuitive Psychologist and International Bestselling Author