She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

The benefits have been profound and deeply experiential. I have many years of conventional talk-therapy with some success, but had not experienced such a major shift deep within my core, until I worked with Kris. I feel guided and supported to truly open myself up to the good things in my life, and to trust myself and allow the healing to unfold. I am feeling wiser, stronger, and more worthy of love than I experienced before.  The spirituality part is big for me, and in my work with Kris, I’ve felt this freedom to explore what this feels like for me.  This spiritual piece is foundational for me in all areas of life -- how I relate with myself through my spirituality.  I’ve struggled with former beliefs stunting my growth, and addressing and removing these blocks with her guidance has helped re-ground me. I am so thankful I’ve crossed paths with Kris.  My journey is much better supported with her gentle guidance.  I had no idea what I was walking into when I had my first session, but I know I felt safe there, and for me, that’s how healing and growth flourishes. I highly recommend working with Kris.  She has a gift that others are worthy of receiving.

Kristen L.

Little Canada, MN

Great at guiding me into my own wisdom and intuition 

Wow!  What an amazing session today!  I often get so much out of these appointments. Kris is great at guiding me into my own wisdom and intuition, and clearing out all the clutter and fog to get to the heart of the issue, and to actually find PRACTICAL solutions that are doable.

Crystal L.

St. Paul, MN

Kris Groth is a true healer! 

I've seen Kris for 10 years and highly recommend her. I've experienced amazing results when traditional medical doctors said it wasn't possible! She is my energy healer and stress reliever. I've used Body Whispers Therapy for sports injuries, auto accidents, severe illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and general stress.
In 10 years of working with Kris, I've learned our thoughts, feelings and experiences have energy attached to them. Sometimes positive, light and flowing energy, other times negative, dark and blocked energy. When energy is not flowing freely, these blockages can cause imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields. Kris is able to identify and remove the blockages, causing positive shifts in energy which results in healing. She uses a variety of therapies which are gentle, effective and cumulative. The more you go, the greater the benefits. Kris Groth is a true healer!

Alia B.

Minneapolis, MN

Sound healing meditations...a rare oasis

I love spending and hour with Kris with these sound healing meditations. I relax so deeply in such a short amount of time and am able to completely let go of all cares. It is a rare oasis for me to be able to completely let go of my chattering mind. In these meditations, I go quickly into a deep relaxed state and don't need to spend time quieting my mind which is very unusual for me. Most meditations I find myself bored or listening to my thoughts on how I need to get the dishes done when I get home, or make an appointment for this thing or that, but not these. I can completely relax and be at peace.

After this Sound Healing Meditation, I feel a greater sense of calm and an ability to not get rocked by every  little setback. I don't get annoyed as easily when things don't go my way. It is easier to go with the flow so to speak. I sleep so much better, it is amazing! I have a Fitbit that tracks how many times I am awake and most nights it is between 5-20. On meditation nights it is sometimes zero times awake! It is easier to make decisions quickly when my mind is rested and I am calmer and less quick to anger. It is easier for me to have love for my fellow people even if I don't agree with them (and in these times that is a huge gift Kris gives me). I'm so grateful to Kris for doing this, it is so valuable! 

Laura N.

Minneapolis, MN

Kris will help you discover your true self and full potential. 

I began to see Kris Groth for migraine headaches. I enjoyed our sessions immediately, feeling very comfortable and at ease with Kris. Not only did my pain begin to go away, I learned how to relax and let the pain from my head dissolve. Kris' "healing touch" is amazing to experience! When I relocated to the East Coast from the Twin Cities area, I decided to try a phone session with Kris. I wasn't sure what to expect since I was used to the in-person session. Honestly, Kris' healing touch travels through the phone very effectively, and the healing takes place just as if you were in the room with her. Kris has helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life, and I'm not sure that I would have come this far on my journey without her. Our sessions have brought me back to the present, instead of focusing on a painful experience in my past. Kris reminds me that I'm never alone, and that I can call on my spiritual team at any time. I cannot begin to thank her enough! I would recommend Kris Groth to anyone that needs help with an emotional or physical situation. Kris will help you discover your true self and full potential.

Hannah W.

New Richmond, VA

I've been to many healers, and there is no question, she is one of the best!!  

Kris is an amazing healthcare practitioner!  She works with the client to release negative blockages that can cause pain, illness, emotional imbalance, and many disorders.  After releasing blockages from the body, she replaces that space with loving, positive, and renewing healing energy.  She uses a variety of techniques which help center and balance the body, mind and spirit. Her techniques heal at a cellular level! These gentle, yet significant changes are noticeable after each session and the benefits are cumulative.  In addition to being highly talented, Kris is kind, patient, resourceful, humble, and always uplifting.  She was excellent when I met her 3-4 years ago, and she continues to learn new techniques, and continues to evolve. I consider her an outstanding practitioner.  She clearly loves her job and also shares in the joy of her clients' improvements. I've been to many healers, and there is no question, she is one of the best!!

Lynn B.

Golden Valley, MN

I have developed hope and confidence that I can survive cancer.

Through Kris's healing work, I have gotten through the worst of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to rediscover myself and my body. Anxiety, self doubt and tense muscles all seem to melt as a result of Kris's work. I have developed hope and confidence that I can survive cancer. I am again focused on what is most important to me and the expression of my life. Living life whole heartedly is possible. Kris is just an amazing human being. Being around Kris is good for your health!"

John M.

St. Paul, MN

A part of my regular wellness routine  

I first began therapy with Kris over two years ago for management of stress associated with my career as a doctor.  I found myself affected by the stresses, sad stories and pain of my patients along with the financial stresses of being new in practice.  My energy seemed scattered, ungrounded and nervous.  I had begun suffering from insomnia.  I noticed my energy changing after the first session with Kris.  After one particular energy session when I fell instantly asleep soundly on her table, I woke after the treatment feeling refreshed, centered and balanced.  My anxiety was gone.  I felt the elephant sitting on my chest had vanished.  As a student of energy healing myself, Kris' work has helped me in indescribable ways to feel focused, in the present moment and like myself again.  I value Kris' work as a part of my regular wellness routine and continue to see her several times a month.  I cannot thank you enough, Kris!

Dr. M. Rheingans

Minnetonka, MN

Helping me open and move through emotions  

Kris works with gentle hands and a loving heart.  I come away from CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Kris feeling more relaxed and cared for.  Kris has been wonderful at helping me open and move through emotions I hold in my body.  This allows me to move more easily in my life physically and otherwise.  I greatly appreciate her care and work.

Kim P.

Shoreview, MN

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