My New Book is Coming...May 30, 2018!


-You will immediately receive an email with the ARC (advanced review copy) of my book. Read the book anytime between now and May 30th.
-Upon reading the book, please write your review and save it in a doc. 
-On launch day, please post your review on Amazon and GoodReads.

I will also provide graphics and posts to promote the launch on social media, though this part is optional and completely up to you.

I am so grateful for your support!

About Soul-iloquy

What if you could have a conversation with your soul? Could it help you with your career or your love life?

We all have times in our lives when we need to make critical decisions. Making these decisions in alignment with the soul, makes everything easier and more harmonious. Do ever you wonder what a soul-connected life would look like?

Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection, and Passionprovides a vivid picture of how spirituality and healing can blend with everyday life, to give it purpose and direction. 

A dark night of the soul has Lily St. Angelo searching for something that will give her empty life meaning and fulfillment. She finds a healer to help her to clear away debris from the past, connect with her soul, and discover what her soul truly wants for her.

Join Lily on her journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, as she learns to connect deeply within herself, listen to her guidance, and make some life-changing decisions, including whether to follow the love of her heart, or the love of her soul. Will she choose romantic love or soul love? What would you choose?