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Kelley Grimes ~ Cultivating Peace and Joy

Self-Nurturing Mobile App

Looking for daily inspiration to live with more peace, joy and meaning? This nurturing mobile app will encourage and inspire you to pause each day and nurture yourself so that you can fill up to shine your bright light in the world! Download your free gift today!

Cindy Hively ~ In Her Fullness

Present Moment Meditation Gift Bundle

Take a Soul Break and Tap into the Peace and Power
Found in Your Breath & in Present Moment
with this Free Meditation Gift Set

Laura Clark ~ Soul Wise Living

Courage Creation Kit
~ for those pesky moments of self-doubt

Are you ready to tap into the courage and confidence you need to elevate your business and your life? Self-doubt happens to us all but the key is not allowing it to use up your valuable, time, money & precious energy. Claim your Courage Creation Kit today which includes the Courage Creation eBook, Courage Activation Exercise, and more. As a bonus you’ll receive "88 Signs That You are on the Right Path” handout.

Beverley Golden ~ Writer

5 Tips for Tapping into Your Intuition + Trusting it Every Time

Beverley Golden, author of the Amazon Best-Seller "Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie", has learned to live life by the mantra "Trust Your Intuition Even When No One Else Sees Your Point of View". In this colorful and easy-to-use guide, she offers her favorite 5 tips to show you how to quickly tap into and access your own inner voice of intuition and how to trust it every time. "The only real valuable thing is intuition" ~ Albert Einstein

Debra Oakland ~ Living In Courage

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Shanda Trofe ~ Transcendent Publishing

2018 Book Writing Planner

A 44-Page PDF download complete with done-for-you templates! With the 2018 Book Writing Planner, you'll be taken through the process of developing and organizing your book idea, allowing you to finally bring your dream to life! 

Felicia D'Haiti ~ Soul Transformations

Get Clear on Your Space Feng Shui Starter Kit

Bring more abundance and clarity to your life by connecting with the energy of your home, creating a vision for your space, and implementing an action plan to clutter clear, arranging your home and life. Get my “Clear on Your Space Feng Shui Starter Kit,” including audio & eGuide TODAY! 

Tarah Abram ~ Juicy Living By Design

10 Minute Mini Vacay

Feeling a bit overwhelmed ladyboss?

Gift yourself a time out and head to the beach! You may not have time for a vacation right now, so this visualization meditation is the perfect solution to enhance your well-being and restore balance.

Kathleen Gubitosi ~ Sorella Sorciere, Inc. 

Complimentary Training: Free Overcome Stage Fright Video Class

Your video class gift demystifies four of the most reliable and effective physical and mindset strategies used by the world’s top speakers, presenters and performers, to communicate with power and presence in a meeting, at conferences, or on the concert stage.

Crystal Cockerham ~ Wisdom Awakens

4 Simple Steps to Finding Calm in Chaos

We are all energetic beings of light. Here, you will find a simple, yet powerful exercise that will aid you in clearing your energy field, reconnect with your True Self, tap back into that alignment and maintain the high vibration when your outer landscape interferes with your inner landscape.

Felicia Baucom

5 Signs That Your Real Life Is Calling To You

Are you living from your heart and pursuing a life that fits you? Or are you listening to a culture that says there’s only one right way to live? It’s time to follow your passions instead of following a script. Find out if you’re real life is calling to you!

Camy deMario ~ Intentional Doodling TM

Gratitude and Intentions
7 Day Mini-Challenge

Express gratitude and set your intentions through a creative use of "doodle art" coloring process. It will help you release stress, increase your focus and heal from old wounds and limited beliefs which stop you to manifest the life of your dreams. 

Michele Greer ~ Michele Greer Enterprises

Burn Your Blueprint and Kickstart Your Change

Burn your Blueprint and Kickstart Change with my exclusive weekend challenge eBook and 30 minute complimentary VIP Intensive with a customized plan just for you! You will learn specific techniques to: Shift your standards, Create rituals & habits that promote change, Take charge of your personal energy and Achieve a healthy mind, body & soul.

Catherine Hayes ~ Catherine Hayes Coaching

 The Transformational Power of the Enneagram

Would you like to free yourself of your habitual patterns? Would you like more peaceful relationships? What if you had a map that guided you to a deeper and compassionate understanding of your unconscious patterns? The Enneagram is a powerful tool for bringing more consciousness into our lives and our relationships. Claim your free gift and begin your journey of deep self-discovery. You’ll learn about each of the nine types and begin your personal journey with this powerful tool.

Janet Raino Coaching

Healing Your PAST - Post Abortion Stress Trauma

We are all energetic beings of light. Here, you will find a simple, yet powerful exercise that will aid you in clearing your energy field, reconnect with your True Self, tap back into that alignment and maintain the high vibration when your outer landscape interferes with your inner landscape.

Debbra Lupien ~ Akasha Unleashed

Exploring the Akashic Records

Free Video Course Learn how to find more empowerment and bliss through the Akashic Records. Topics include: introduction to the Akashic Records, soul purpose, karmic baggage, energetic alignment, invisible light workers, how to super charge manifesting, soulmates, and more. Plus a special empowerment affirmation.  

Debby Barry ~ Design Your Life

25 Ways to Raise Your Vibe

Simple Strategies You Can Use TODAY to Manifest More Abundance, Boost Your Confidence, and Attract Exactly What You Want (All With More Ease, Grace, and Joy)

Patricia Young ~ Inner Prosperity Academy

 How to Use Fear as a Super Power to Fuel Courage

Fear is one of the greatest sources of struggle, suffering, confusion and stress in our lives. Part of being a human being is that we will constantly face fear in our lives. When we make our life choices and decisions from this state of “contracted awareness”, every step forward feels like an internal battle and then we tend to keep doing more of what hasn’t worked because we are afraid of the unknown.

If you feel that fear is holding you back from having the meaningful, abundant and joyful life you are meant to have, download this FREE Report, in which I share:

  • Why you feel fear when you try to make positive changes in your life 
  • How to use Fear like a super power to fuel courage in your life

Marie Martin ~ Candid and Classy

Glow to Show

Rise. Rise, and claim the woman you were born to be, by allowing your GLOW to SHOW. Clear away the outside expectations associated with your inner feminine being and light your path to your sacred style from the inside out!

Kris Groth ~ Body Whispers Therapy

Calm Your Mind & Soothe Your Soul Meditation & Affirmations
4-pt Gift Set

Looking for easy ways to find calm and peace in your busy life? This powerful supportive gift set, created by Kris Groth, contains guided meditation with healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, affirmations and PDFs giving you the tools you need to calm your mind and soothe your soul.

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