Holiday LIfeline 

Healing & Mentoring Program


Do the holidays leave you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed & energetically drained?

Get the spiritual support & tools you need to not only survive, but thrive, through the Holidays!

~Grounding, Boundaries, Maintaining Your Energy, Forgiveness & Compassion

The time is NOW to release and heal the subconscious stories and beliefs that are triggered this time of year! You don’t have to do it alone!

The 6-week

RESONATE Holiday Lifeline
Healing & Mentoring Program is for YOU, if:

  • You are tired of being triggered by the drama and trauma of family gatherings. (It's okay to admit that, no judgement. ) 
  • You are truly ready to heal and clear the old baggage you've been carrying around forever. (We all emotional baggage from all we've been through. The choice is always ours whether to continue carrying it.)
  • You intuitively know that you need expert guidance and support to clear the blocks quicker. (It’s okay to take to say yes to loving support.)
  • You are ready for deep healing and transformation so you can live a life of joy, abundance and happiness. (You deserve all that and more, my friend.)
  • You want to connect with a group of soul-aligned women who are on a similar path of healing. (It feels good to know we’re not alone.)
  • You are truly ready, and committed, to putting this time aside for yourself. (Saying yes to yourself is a sacred gift to your soul.)

If you are jumping up and down shouting “YES!!! I am ready!” then the 
RESONATE Holiday Lifeline Healing & Mentoring Program is for YOU.

Your 6-week journey includes:

LIVE weekly group mentoring and healing sessions:

  • Weekly 90 minute Live and Interactive Zoom calls, recorded for future access.
  • Live Channeled Intuitive Energy Healing Meditation* where I tune into the group energy and intentions of the group.  (A favorite of my private clients.)
  • Sacred discussion of common issues/challenges.
  • Celebrating triumphs big and small.
  • Sharing spiritual wisdom.
  • Homework to continue healing and progress to next step.

Supportive private Facebook group to:

  • Access LIVE check-ins within the Facebook group between sessions.
  • Connect with others like you who are on a similar path.
  • Support each other every step.
  • Receive guidance and encouragement throughout our 6-weeks together.
  • Share your homework, post questions and receive feedback.

*ABOUT the Channeled Intuitive Energy Healing Meditation: This is a powerful energy healing meditation that will include sound healing with crystal singing bowls to deepen the experience. The meditation is intended to help you, and the group, access what has been hidden from your awareness but is ready to be gently revealed for healing and transformation. These sessions will be powerful yet peaceful and relaxing.

Bonus Meditations

You’ll also receive THREE 10-15 minute audio meditation recordings of related topics to support your healing process. These recordings will be delivered to you throughout the 6 weeks.

That’s THREE (3) recorded meditations in addition to the recorded live sessions!

These meditations will help you to continue the healing work from week to week, for more profound and lasting results.


Holiday Lifeline
Healing & Mentoring Program

Program Details

Investment: $197 for the 6-week program, Registration ends Sat Nov 23rd.

Class Dates: Every Sunday at 7:00 pm CST starting NOV 24, through DEC 29, 2019 

Platform:  Hosted on the free, and easy-to-use, Zoom platform. (Easy to use.)

Space is LIMITED to 10 people! Reserve your spot today!

This program is designed to provide you with energy healing for your body, mind, heart and soul, along with providing spiritual wisdom and guidance to assist you in going deeper to get to the core of the issues that have been triggered by holiday stress.

After many requests from my clients, I’ve created an intimate* private group healing and mentoring experience for women ready to shift the energies and spiritual blocks keeping them from living their best lives.

For a little more than the cost of a private session with me, you’ll be part of a sacred circle of women (limited to 10) who come together for 6 weeks for deep healing and transformation in a loving, supportive container.

Being in a small group like this magnifies the power of the work being done. There will be similar threads to your stories and challenges. You will discover that you are not alone in what you are going through and have others that understand and support you. You no longer need to feel isolated and crazy. You’ll have the support and community you need to thrive.


  • Learn to maintain your boundaries and energy amidst holiday chaos and stress
  • Heal physical and emotional issues that have been plaguing you & keeping you from enjoying the holidays. (You deserve it)
  • Realize you are not alone, and have support & understanding from others like you
  • Energetically release the blocks from the past and learn to move forward with joy
  • Experience a deep sense of inner peace and contentment
  • Live a life that resonates with your soul & is in harmony with your truth

It’s amazing how quick I felt transformation occur.

Kris’ healing meditations have helped me start feeling safe in my body and have helped calm me down when I’m overloaded and overwhelmed. I listen to them pretty frequently to keep myself grounded, centered, and open to receiving all that is good.

The Healing & Mentoring Group was so helpful to be able to share the struggles I had during the week and what my intentions were for the guided meditation. It’s amazing how quick I felt transformation occur. I had no idea there could be so much healing in a short moment of time. Thank you Kris for helping me keep my heart open and for all your help in my healing.

Shala M. ... Phoenix, AZ

I feel the uplifting and healing continue long after each session

Each week has touched on a part of my continued healing process. I feel the uplifting and healing continue long after each session and have become more self aware, which has helped me to better deal with issues as they arise. There is still much work for me to do and this type of healing meditation brings ease to my progress.

I am grateful for the connection to others on a similar path of healing and self awareness, which softens the strain of deep such personal healing. This is a great way to connect with others who are supportive and judgement free. There is compassion and understanding for each other. It has been a wonderful experience being in contact with people from around the world.

Rebecca B. ... Minneapolis, MN

Highly recommend any treatment with Kris

I participated in the Healing and Mentoring Group because I wanted to help clear my head and ease some chronic physical pain. The class was held via video/phone which was nice to interact with the other participants. I also liked that during the meditation I could focus on the singing bowls if my eyes fluttered open. In the four week course, I moved toward my goals for taking the class, and I enjoy the fact that I have the meditation recordings to listen to at my leisure. I love Kris’ gentle spirit as she helped guide us participants and would highly recommend any treatment with Kris.

Linda Post ... St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Very peaceful and calming.

Very peaceful and calming. I was not used to sound healing so this was a beautiful introduction.

Through this program I have gained more presence, stepping into more courageous action ....

I appreciated Kris's loving presence, deep wisdom and intuition, holding us all so lovingly.

If you are healing past trauma, hurt or sadness, this course would add a new dimension of deep healing.

Elizabeth OC ... Dublin, Ireland

Space is limited, Sign up today! 


About Kris Groth

Kris Groth is a spiritual mentor, energy healer, and bestselling author of Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion, and Soul-iloquy Companion Journal: A Conversation With Your Soul. She is passionate about helping people connect more deeply to their own truth, to promote healing and restore balance to the body, heart, mind and soul, and to live a soul-connected life. Kris serves clients around the world through her healing, and spiritual mentoring sessions, including powerful custom guided sound healing meditations using crystal singing bowls. Learn more at

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