Ready to release the energetic heaviness & call in more Joy? The angels are ready to assist you!

It has been a really long year so far, with so much stress, worry and fear weighing us down. 

The angels are supporting us, and would love to help us raise our vibration into a higher level, JOY!


This FREE 5-day challenge will help you to connect with the angels & raise your vibration by bringing more joy into your life.

Join us Sept 21-25 for this uplifting experience!

IGNITE your Joy with the Angels

Raise your vibe, tap into Joy & Live an inspired life with the support of the Angels

  • Day 1:  Redefining Joy, Connecting with the Angels and your inner Light
  • Day 2:  Remembering Joy...Bringing your past joys to the present
  • Day 3:  Unblocking Joy...What stops you from experiencing Joy
  • Day 4:  Reawakening Joy...Discovering ways to raise your vibe & bring more joy into your life
  • Day 5:  Opening to Joy...Giving yourself permission, and embracing a joyful life. 

You Deserve This!

This 5-day Challenge begins Sept 21st

  • Live calls in Private Facebook Group daily
  • Daily emails will review the lesson of the day
  • Homework to progress through each lesson
  • Private Facebook Group for sharing, supporting and answering questions 
  • Prizes will be awarded for participation

Challenge begins Sept 21st!

Reserve your spot today!

Elizabeth OC

-Dublin, Ireland-

Very peaceful and calming. I was not used to sound healing so this was a beautiful introduction.

Through this program I have gained more presence, stepping into more courageous action....

I appreciated Kris's loving presence, deep wisdom and intuition, holding us all so lovingly.

If you are healing past trauma, hurt or sadness, this course would add a new dimension of deep healing.

Your Guide on this 5-day Journey

Kris Groth

Kris Groth is an energy healer, Archangel Life Coach & bestselling author. Kris & her angels have been working together for many years to help people find their inner truth, heal & balance the body, mind, heart and soul. Kris serves clients around the world through healing & coaching sessions, online courses & guided sound healing meditations.

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