In-Person Sessions

Individual in-person sessions offered are: Craniosacral Therapy,  Energy Healing, or a combination of Healing, Spiritual Mentoring and Sound Healing. Various programs and packages are also available to meet your specific needs.

Craniosacral Therapy This hands-on therapy is extremely effective in gently releasing holding patterns, balancing the brain, nervous system, and the entire body as a whole. It brings healing and balance to the mind, body, heart and spirit. My approach is very light and gentle, taking you to a deeply relaxed state where releases occur effortlessly and without reliving old trauma or pain. Each session is intuitively guided to provide you whatever you need in that moment. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed, grounded and centered, lighter and more at peace, in addition to your own specific intentions. 60 or 90 min.

Energy Healing  My approach is quiet and gentle, and respectful of your beliefs. I bring no agenda to the session, allowing us to be guided as to what your soul wants and needs. I am also careful to create a sacred space for healing, allowing for only energies of light and love to enter the space. I tune into your energy and work with them to release what is not longer serving you. Bringing healing, clearing, and balance to any issues, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It will be a powerful and deeply peaceful session, after which you will feel lighter, clearer and ready to continue moving forward. 60 or 90 min

Combo Sessions  You can choose to receive a combination of energy healing, spiritual mentoring, and/or sound healing within one session. This type of session starts with deep healing followed by in-depth discussion of how to proceed and what steps to take after the session to continue progressing toward your soul's desire and purpose, support and guidance to help you move forward with ease. Usually 90 min,

Comprehensive & Custom Support Packages and Programs  ‚ÄčChoose the package or program that is right for you. Could be a package of individual sessions or a custom program designed to meet your specific goals and intentions. Choose from Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual Mentoring, Sound Healing and a list of other options to support you on your journey. You decide which is right for you and your individual needs.

Schedule a Free "Let's Connect" call to discuss which options would be best for you and your unique needs.